EM-COP provides the opportunity to collaborate through chat.  This works like text messaging and other forms of chat most people use daily.  There are two options – Public and  Private. The public chat option is referred to as Whiteboard Chat and is available only in the incident and room you are currently in.  Private chat allows individual users to chat outside of any incident.

Both types of chat are permanently recorded and fully discoverable so your discretion is advised.


WHITEBOARD CHAT is located at the bottom of the screen when you have joined incident and are in a room.  (This function is not available if you are in your own WORKSPACE as this is your private room.)  If you can’t see WHITEBOARD CHAT on the bottom of your room map.  You will need to check that you have joined an incident and are in a room, you are not in your WORKSPACE and WHITEBOARD CHAT is open.  If the bottom of your screen looks like this (see below) you will need to click on the double arrow to open Whiteboard Chat.


Once WHITEBOARD CHAT is open it will look something like the image below.
Whiteboard chat screen images
Text messages are typed into the bottom window. When the RETURN key is pressed, the message is time stamped and posted in the window above along with the author’s name.  A running history of all chat for that particular room is stored in this window, so you can go back in time to look at earlier messages.  This text is permanent, and can be seen by anyone who visits the room.

Who is in the room?
The box on the far right shows all the users that are currently logged into this particular room. The dot next to their name indicates “recent activity.”  If the dot is green, then the user has used chat, entered graphics, or moved the map recently.  After several minutes of inactivity, the green dot turns yellow.


PRIVATE CHAT  is a one-to-one or a one-to-many form of communication that can only be seen by those who have been invited to join.  However, like WHITEBOARD CHAT, PRIVATE CHAT  is permanent and fully discoverable so discretion is recommended.

PRIVATE CHAT can occur between any two or more users logged into EM-COP.  They do not have to be in the same incident and room as they do for WHITEBOARD CHAT.

To start a Private Chat session you will need to open the side panel.  You can either click on the panel on the far right of your screen or click on the double arrows at the top of the panel.

Open the ‘Active Users’ tab then change the second filter to “All roles’ from ‘Org Administrator’.  A list of all users currently logged into EM-COP will displayed.  Select the ‘Chat’ icon Chat Icon  for the person with whom you would like to start a Private Chat.



A private chat window opens for you.


The following message appears on screen of the user you have invited to chat.

The invited user must accept the invitation to initiate the chat session.  An acceptance will appear in your chat window and then you can start chatting by entering your message in the lower part of the chat window.To invite more than one person to a Private Chat session, drag additional “Chat” icons from the Active Users list into the Private Chat window on your screen. Each new person will get an invitation as above and you will get an acceptance if they elect to join.