Drawing is a primary method of communication in  EM-COP. When information needs to be transmitted quickly and efficiently, a sketch on the map is often the most effective.

To Draw, click on the pen icon labeled “DRAW” in the main toolbar. This will open up the drawing palette:

Drawing Palette screen image

Red Push Pin screen image  SYMBOL TOOL

Selecting the Symbol/Marker button in the drawing palette will display the available symbols, markers and icons. The Operational tab is displayed by default.  You can select other palettes by clickin the appropriate tab – General or Public Info.  Click on a symbol to select it and then click anywhere on the map to place it. You can place more of the same symbol on the map by clicking multiple times. You can also rotate several of the icons (see below).

To “clear” the symbol as your pointer, click on the HAND tool in the main toolbar.

Main tool bar screen image

Text Tool screen image  TEXT TOOL

Click on this tool to display the text editor to add labels to your map.  Type in your text and choose the font size.  NOTE:  the colour of the text will default to red unless you choose another colour before selecting the TEXT TOOL.  Like a symbol, you can place the text anywhere on the map but you are not able to rotate it.  You may also place additional copies of the text on the map by clicking multiple times.

Text Editor screen image

Rotate tool screen image  ROTATE TOOL

Many symbols can be rotated after being placed on the map.  Select the rotate tool and then click on the symbol you want to rotate. Use the guide to align your symbol accordingly.

Shapes Tool screen image  SHAPES TOOL

This tool creates a shape with a solid border and translucent centre.  There are five different shapes available from the drop down menu (click on arrow to open) to use:

  • Freehand Polygon
  • Vertex Polygon
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Hexagon

To draw any shape, click the required shape on the drop down menu, then click on the map in the desired location – moving your mouse to stretch the shape . You can change the color of the shape from the drawing palette BEFORE you draw and can add multiple shapes by clicking multiple times on the map.

To “clear” the shape as your pointer, click on the HAND tool in the main toolbar.

Examples of polygons and lines are shown below.

Pencil icon PENCIL TOOL

This tool creates a new line wherever you draw on the map. Options such as thickness and color can be reached from the drawing palette BEFORE you start to draw.

The Pencil Tool also has a “fade” option. This will produce a line that will disappear from the map after a few seconds.  This option is very useful for briefing sessions where you want to highlight details without creating a permanent line.

There is also a “dash” option for dashed lines. Draw as you normally would, and when you release the line will become dashed.