Getting started in EM-COP

You must register for EM-COP to be granted access.  You are required to register separately for the Incident and Training versions of EM-COP.

How to register

  1. Click on Register link on the EM-COP login page
  2.  A verification email is sent to the email address you register
  3. You will need to click on the link in this verification email (otherwise access will not be granted – the registration process is stopped)
  4. EM-COP will send an email confirming your access

Equipment and Software required

You will need a computer or tablet device with a web browser and internet access.  The supported browsers are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Internet Explorer 10 or above

NOTE:  EM-COP  may experience problems on Internet Explorer 9 and does not work on Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions.  If you have an incompatible browsers log in using the Maps View only button.

Types of Access

You will be given access appropriate to your role and your organisation’s access rules.  Types of access are:

Type of access Capability in EM-COP
Read Only
  • join an incident
  • view incident rooms
  • use your own workspace to make map annotations
(view and add information)
  • create incident
  • add incident information
  • create rooms within an incident
GIS User
    In addition to Read/Write capability

  • upload and remove data layers
Organisation Administrator
    In addition to Read/Write and GIS capability

  • manage users – grant, change and remove access
  • archive incidents