GIS Functions

GIS data is used in many different applications.  EM-COP has a function to import and export GIS data and is available to registered users with the EM-COP designated role of GIS User.

Importing GIS data

Files can be uploaded to the  EM-COP server from other GIS databases.  However you must have the EM-COP role of GIS user before you access this function.
Once uploaded, these data layers can be accessed via the DATA tab drop own menu  under UPLOAD.

To upload files you click IMPORT DATA button on the bottom of the Data tab drop down list.

Data Import button

The Import Data window will be opened.  At present, EM-COP will only allow KMZ, KML and SHAPE files to uploaded using this functionality.  Select the relevant import type from the left hand menu and enter the required data into the right hand screen.  Then click UPLOAD.

Data Import screen image


The data layer you have imported will now appear under UPLOAD on the DATA tab drop down menu.  Select this layer like you would any other available data layer.

Uploaded data layer list screen image

You can delete a layer using a right mouse click and selecting delete.