Incidents and Rooms

EM-COP is organised by incidents, and rooms within incidents.  Registered users join incidents where they can observe, share and copy information with others.   Each user has their own private WORKSPACE where they  can create their own situational awareness.

Within each incident are separate workspaces called rooms.  Users can share information from their private workspace by using the “Copy drawings from “Workspace’ to current collaboration room” option under the Tools menu.

Incident and Room collaboration model

Incident and Room collaboration model

Your Workspace

The WORKSPACE room is Your Personal Private Workspace that is independent of all incidents; it is always available for your use. Use it to draft up a plan or create your situational awareness before sharing it with others within another room.

NOTE: All information that is created or copied into your WORKSPACE room is saved until deleted, even if you log out of EM-COP. Users should use caution when sharing or copying information from this room with others. Please ensure you are only sharing or copying the information intended to be shared or copied.

How to Join An Existing Incident

Incidents are created and joined using the INCIDENTS tab on the upper right top toolbar.

Incident tab and how to join an inciident

A list of current incidents will be displayed.  Click on ‘Join” to join your selected incident.  After joining an incident, you will be able to access the collaboration room(s) for which you have permission. Automatically, every incident has at least two rooms:  INCIDENTMAP is the authorised view of the incident, and the WORKINGMAP where many different plans are drafted.  In addition, users involved in the incident can create any number of additional rooms for specific needs – some are visible to all registered users, and others are not, especially if working with sensitive information.

Incident list and how to join an incident

The incident you are currently in is displayed next to that menu in the blue banner. You may switch between incidents by selecting other incidents from the INCIDENTS menu.  Previous incidents are stored in the Archived folder which can accessed by changing the filter on the INCIDENTS menu.

You can close an incident you have open by clicking on the X next to the incident name.


To find out more on this topic, please refer to the EM-COP Concept of Operations.

How to Create A New Incident

Before you begin to ensure the incident icon is placed in a geographically meaningful location on the map, it is best to use the Geocode location tool.  Click on the spyglass icon on the left hand side of the screen, then select your preferred search method.  Remember, if you are using an address always add “Vic” to avoid confusion with place names outside Victoria.  Once you have geo-located yourself on the map you can create your incident.

Click on the INCIDENTS tab and then click the ‘Create new Incident” button on the bottom right of the list.  The Create Incident dialog box will displayed.  Enter the required information, then click on the ‘Create’ button.

Create an incident screen image

To find out more on creating an incident including naming conventions, please refer to the EM-COP Concept of Operations.

How to view Incident Rooms

Every incident has two rooms when created – INCIDENTMAP and WORKINGMAP.  All other rooms are created as needed following the AIIMS structure however, custom rooms can be created if required.   Rooms are displayed in a drop down menu available under the ROOMS tab on the left hand side of the screen.  Click on the room you wish to open – you can open as many as you like – and each is displayed as a tab across the top of the screen.  You can only view one room at a time so you will need to click on a room tab to view that particular room. NOTE: you must have an incident open to view the associated rooms.

Incident Rooms list screen image

How to Create a New Room
If a room you need is not available in the current ROOMS menu, you can use the CREATE NEW ROOM feature. This will display pre-defined room names to select or you may create a custom room.  Any room name with a grey text with a line through it indicates that room is already created for this incident.  You can secure a room and limit access – to find out more about this please refer to the EM-COP Concept of Operations