Useful Hints and Tips

Some useful hints and tips for navigating around EM-COP.

  • Use the Esc key to cancel the current operation and return to the navigation (arrow) cursor
  • Scroll in quickly by holding down the Shift key and using click and drag to select an area on the map
  • Double click on a point on the map to zoom down one level and centre the map on that point
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel to quickly zoom out
  • When selecting drawn features (such as symbols, lines, polygons, text boxes) hold down the Ctrl key and click individual features to select or deselect that feature without changing other features already selected
  • Always put the time at the start on your entry in a Private Chat using a 24 hour format so it lets the other party know when you made your entry
  • If you see unexpected behaviour, check or verify the room and incident that you are currently in
  • Remember everything on the map has size and location properties.  When copying from one room to another you may need to adjust zoom and your position to view what has been copied
  • If you see the message No base map available at current zoom level or area, try zooming out or changing to  a Google base map.  You may have inadvertently moved out Victoria.
  • Don’t use your browser refresh button unless you want to log yourself out of EM-COP
  • Closing and restarting your browser and logging back into EM-COP may help if you are experiencing erratic behaviour

Extra hints for Tablet and Mobile device users

Currently, tablets and mobile devices are better suited for viewing EM-COP rather than adding information.  Hints and tips for using your device are:

  • There is no hover or click available.  This means you won’t be able to view pop-up hints or access right click mouse menus, such as Data menus to access layer information.
  • Tap and drag when using the Zoom or Select tools.
  • There is no equivalent to the Shift or Ctrl keys.  You won’t be able to zoom using the Navigation tool or select individual features using the Select tool.
  • Tap with a slight hold to ensure you tap is recognised.  You may need to practice this as you if hold too long the device’s copy and function paste may be activated.
  • Double tap on a point on the map to zoom down one level and centre the map on that point.  Double tapping may cause unexpected behaviour depending on the browser you’re using
  • Pinch the map to zoom out and the opposite to zoom in
  • EM-COP currently does not allow tap access to sub-menus, such as Room Management.