User Types

There are currently four user roles available in EM-COP.

EM-COP  Read Only user  

This user can view selected open rooms such as the Incident Room.

EM-COP Read / Write user

This user can create and edit incidents as well as create and view all open rooms.  They can add content (write) into authorised rooms, such as drawing lines, polygons, and placing icons.  This user can apply security to a room so it will only be visible to those users who have been assigned access.

GIS Administrator

This role is for a person that works with GIS databases and has been assigned the duties of uploading data layers as appropriate for given incidents as well as general use.  This user has the same access as Read / Write user with additional access to upload data.

Organisation Administrator

This is the person (or persons) in an organisation with the responsibility of maintaining users in EM-COP.   This role includes the ability to enable, disable, and delete users as well as allocate role types.  It also includes the ability to archive incidents.  Each registered organisation in EM-COP will be required to appoint at least one Organisation Administrator.